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  • Schoder GmbH - Personal commitment deserves promotion.
    Personal commitment deserves promotion.


Youth development is important to us

Our managing director, Mrs. Kirsten Schoder-Steinmüller, is open to new ideas and strives to support the younger generation. This is why we’ve allocated a student budget for projects that aim to support young people who have already resolved to enter the discipline of metal processing. We’re also keen supporters of the junior team of the Langen basketball club.

Collaborating for innovation

Radträger: CNC-gefräster Prototyp, gefertigt auf einer Multitasking-Maschine

We are renowned for our innovative spirit and our high-precision prototype production and support the Dart Racing Team of TU Darmstadt with projects that build on exactly these traits:
We milled the steering knuckles for the front and rear axle of a racing car with an electrical drive train. The next project is raring to go. Our involvement stretches from the provision of model data in January to the delivery in March. Our objective is to achieve a reduction in weight while maintaining a high degree of stability for a wheel carrier milled from one block, making no concessions in terms of safety.
A crash box produced by ourselves is also installed in the vehicle. It is a key element for driver safety and in this case, it is designed for ultimate protection in the event of a frontal crash. Crash boxes installed in Formula Student vehicles are tested by Dekra.
TU Darmstadt has approached us with a new project, the development of an impeller. We will collaborate with experts in the field of turbo engines from the company Turbo Science to develop a smaller and more powerful gas turbine. This project is part of a funding programme of the State of Hesse. Find out more about your opportunities with CNC Milling.

Schoder GmbH is the new powerful partner of the Giraffen

Precision, custom-fit, speed, efficiency and reliability coupled with tradition and experience. These buzzwords describe both, the values and company philosophy of the three-generation owner-managed family firm Schoder from Langen, and the children and youth basketball initiatives of the Giraffen. Our shared fundamental concept is set to multiply and be transferred through the naming and national appearances of the NBBL and JBBL teams of TV Langen (TVL).
Apart from the team name, SCHODER Junior-Giraffen Langen, the team logo specifically designed for our partnership will reinforce the cooperation between the innovative industrial supplier SCHODER and the top scorers from the city on the Sterzbach stream. A cooperation that signifies so much more than just a clear commitment to the location of our headquarters and the work of the Giraffen, as company owner Kirsten Schoder-Steinmüller highlights: “As a Langen company, we stand behind our location, the performance-oriented youth work of the Giraffen that communicates values, as well as the national basketball league in Langen. Powerful, precise, fast - the fundamental concept behind both our processing technology and the TVL basketball players. We’re excited about the coming months of cooperation with the Giraffen and our joint initiatives for youth, training and basketball.”

SCHODER goes to school: Start of cooperation project with the Erasmus-Kittler School

The upcoming cooperation project with the Erasmus-Kittler School in Darmstadt will include the process chain starting from the CAD model specifically designed for this purpose through CAM programming and CNC production to the finished product. This might be a promotional gift of sorts which would be developed in the schools just before Christmas each year and then produced on the CNC machines  of Schoder GmbH. Erasmus-Kittler School is a trade school for metal and information technology with the primary objective of equipping their students with comprehensive professional, political and social competences.

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