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  • Schoder GmbH - What drives me? Perfect moulds!
    What drives me? Perfect moulds!


Complex contours thanks to wire cutting and die sinking technology

Do you require a work part in high-alloyed hardened tool steel or stainless steel?
Are you looking for a contract manufacturer able to produce internal corners, maximum tapers, various cutting heights or complicated undercuts for you?
Our EDM machines are at your service. Spark erosion allows the production of tools and moulds in conductive materials, such as metal, irrespective of their hardness. We specialise in processing high-alloyed hardened tool steel. Our products are in great demand in the toolmaking and mould-making industries.

Die sinking technology

Our CNC controlled die sinking machines (with automated electrode switch) can process several parts of a workpiece in succession. Key applications of die sinking technology include the production of casting moulds and dies within the mould-making sector. We also produce punches for the toolmaking sector, which are subsequently engraved. Punches and coding tools are often used to emboss serial numbers on automotive parts.

Wire cutting technology

With our state-of-the-art wire erosion systems and our many years of experience in the wire cutting of high-alloyed hardened tool steel, we can guarantee high-precision parts. We specialise in the reliable production of difficult moulds with ultimate dimensional and contouring accuracy. Erosion with wire makes a multitude of internal and external shapes possible.

  • Medical filling tube
    Medical filling tube
  • Roll marker
    Roll marker
  • Die stamp with exchangeable inserts
    Die stamp with exchangeable inserts

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