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  • Schoder GmbH -Our engravings put the finishing touches to your metal parts

    Our engravings put the finishingtouches to your metal parts


Excellent marking of your parts

Do you want to mark your products permanently?
Do you require coding tools or stamping tools with highly accurate engraving?
Are you looking for a specialist able to engrave high-alloyed hardened tool steel?

Our sophisticated industrial engraving offers enormous depth and range of production. Our innovative engraving technologies,  including laser engraving and CNC engraving, and the continuous professional development of our employees ensure the precise and accurate production of your parts. We offer sharp-edged, rounded and flat surface engraving. Our coding tools, steel stamps, steel types and die stamps always feature the right hardness for their designated task - a guarantee of impressive performance. They are optimised for enhanced machining accuracy and a longer service life, even when subjected to peak loads. Our EDM handles even special moulds made from high-alloyed hardened tool steel.

A great range of production options for metal engraving is available: embossing wheels, cable and tube markers, type holders and marking stamps made from steel or brass. We can also engrave numbering machines for continuous markings, electrodes or even 3-dimensional free-form mould inserts for integration into existing stamping tools with ease. Make a lasting impression with our marking stamps and stamping tools!

  • Embossing tool
    Embossing tool
  • Die stamp
    Die stamp
  • 3D-freeform stamp
    3D-freeform stamp

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