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  • Schoder GmbH - Our front panels are leading the way!
    Our front panels are leading the way!


Optimal alignment and protection of your metal parts thanks to screen printing

In combination with sheet metal machining, screen printing offers a multitude of solutions in metal processing: Surface refinement with inscriptions and graphic symbols aids navigation of machines, front panels, membrane keypads and housing components. And screen printing can do even more! Anodisation processes create robust colour surfaces on aluminium. Printing decorative foils in solvent resistant polyester material ensures long-lasting control panels, even in the most sensitive areas.

Digital printing conjures up photo-realistic images on 3-dimensional objects.

Do you want to add special refinements to your metal and plastic components? The CMYK 4-colour system of digital printing makes complex visual images possible, including photographs or colour gradients. Lustrous results for elaborate graphics on all bright surfaces and even on 3-dimensional objects up to 1,400 x 600 x 200 mm in size. Digital printing technology is the perfect choice for small series and is highly cost-efficient. Our range also includes continuous numbering, as you would require for name plates and serial numbers, as well as personalised inscriptions. Take advantage of the fascinating potential of digital printing. We are happy to advise you!

  • Front panel
    Front panel
  • Front panel with control panel
    Front panel with control panel
  • Case with digital printing
    Case with digital printing
  • Mousepad
  •  Advantages 
  •  Production options
  •  Applications
  •  Materials & dimensions 
  • surface refinements
  • orientation on control panels and front panels
  • solvent resistant thanks to anodised printing
  • colour gradients and photo-realistic images
  • inscription of foils and control elements
  • flexible dimensions thanks to foil plotting
  • extreme scratch and wear resistance
  • oil resistance
  • non-fade properties
  • excellent colour brilliance
  • sealed easy-care surface
  • 4-colour print on 3-dimensional objects with digital printing
  • standard price for single or multi-coloured digital printing
  • brilliant photographic images and borderless printing with digital printing
  • personalisation, serial numbers and continuous numbering thanks to digital printing
  • high cost-efficiency for small series with digital printing
  • electronics housing
  • front panels
  • housing components
  • membrane keypads
  • decorative foils
  • item identification
  • signs
  • markings
  • information boards
  • information signs
  • exhibition signs
  • name plates
  • foil-lettering
  • industrial signs
  • front foils
  • keyboards
  • barcode type labels
  • designer plates
  • type plates
  • stainless steel front panels
  • aluminium front panels
  • front frame
  • covers
  • machine casing
  • casing
  • carrier plates
  • covers
  • control consoles
  • machines
  • signs with QR code
  • mixing consoles
  • electronics industry
  • plant construction
  • advertising material industry
  • housing manufacture
  • printing press engineering
  • aluminium
  • sheet steel
  • stainless steel
  • thin sheet
  • foils
  • Possible dimensions screen printing: max. 2,000 x 1,250 mm
  • Possible dimensions digital printing: max. 1,400 x 600 x 200 mm

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